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Play-Cricket website for the East Sussex Cricket League

PBS East Sussex Cricket League

Welcome to the Parker Building Supplies East Sussex Cricket League Play Cricket website.

Among the objects of the League are:  To promote, encourage and foster the playing of cricket, interest in cricket generally and in particular in the County of East Sussex, and to organise cricket on a competitive basis within the spirit of the game.

We have currently 57 clubs in membership with, at the  beginning of the season, some 120 teams in 12 divisions.

If you are considering affiliating your own club to our league please contact the Hon. Secretary. 

If you want to learn more about the individual clubs and teams in our league you may wish to go to our own website which is to be found at

This is where you can access important messages, read the minutes, consult the fixtures, check your club’s details in the database (which because it is updated every week is always more up-to-date than the printed version), refer to the rules and appendices and much more. Please acquire the habit of visiting regularly and often to ensure that your club has not missed some important announcement. This applies out of season as well as during the summer months.

2014 AGM
Please note that a copy of the notice of the league's AGM has been sent to your club's League Contact along with a copy of the minutes of last year's AGM.

It is assumed that the representative will be the club’s League Contact. If for some good reason that is not the case please be kind enough to let me know as soon as possible who your club’s representative will be.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 12th November 2014 at the Bill Wickham Pavilion Buxted Park at 7.30 p.m.


All members of clubs are welcome (space permitting) but those clubs that have a 1st XI in the League (including one team clubs) will have two votes and all other clubs one vote.

In addition to the usual items on the agenda are two motions for the consideration of the member clubs.

11. To consider the proposal from the P.C.S.C. that for the 2015 season teams be given the option to play in a league with reduced length of play of no more than 81 overs, having informed the ESCL Hon. Secretary within seven days of the closing of the 2014 A.G.M. of their wish to submit a team. Further, that the format of such a league retain the possibility of a draw, and subject to the numbers applying appropriate regionalisation be attempted by the P.C.S.C.

12. To consider the proposal from Wadhurst C.C. inter alios that The side batting first, regardless of electing to bat or being inserted, has the option of choosing to declare at any point up to 43 overs with the team batting second having the remaining overs to chase down the runs (as now). However, if the option is exercised then the game becomes a win/lose scenario with no draw possible. Should the option not be exercised (i.e. the side batting first bats for more than 43 overs) then the current regulations are maintained. NOTE To give wider exposure to the potential of this rule change it is suggested by Wadhurst C.C. inter alios that it is introduced on an experimental basis and applies to Divisions 6 and below.

DPB (Eastbourne) CC - Gildredge CC

Please note that with immediate effect DPB (Eastbourne) CC has had a change of name to Gildredge CC to reflect their ground's geographical location.